Lyndsay Thinks Zero % Poll Ratings Means He’s Surging!

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Lyndsay Graham is now registering  a big fat ZERO – in the GOP polls.  When he was surging he hit 1.8 percent.  When he speaks he appears as a pathetic symbol of weakness with ridiculous ideas.  Even when he called Trump a “Jack Ass” he looked ridiculous and weak.  The video below showing some of his brighter moments at the last debate more than proves my point.

Why is he still in the race?  Zero percent votes means he is getting as much support as I am.  As you are.  So will someone please take him aside and let him know he isn’t in this race anymore.  The only race for the presidency he is still an active part of is the one he rehearses in the bathroom mirror.  However, I am sure that must be getting very fogged up by now too.

At a steady zero percent poll rating, any sane person would bow out. But, therein lies the other problem, questionable sanity.  After his display of calling the front runner names, throwing hissy fits about Trump’s lack of presidential behavior while calling him a Jack Ass (real presidential huh?), then throwing his phone out the window, not to mention a few times begging please vote for me, and bad advice on Syria, it will be a miracle if he gets re-elected as senator.  I mean, in his own state of South Carolina, at the top of his surge he was only at 4 percent in the polls.

If Graham continues on in this embarrassing act of “Please, make me the next president, pretty please”, and shows up at the kiddie table debate table again, I think we should all join the debate stage and run for office. For at this point, we all have the same amount of support in the polls as he does.

Will someone please tell him to shut up and get off the stage.


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