rubio_perplexed_master_0It appears that ANCHOR BABY Marco Rubio believes America needs to forget about its’ borders and trade agreements. Just make him president and you will see how deep his prejudicess run. I Wonder if Dinesh D’Souza  will do a documentary on the man who sold America out by casting the deciding vote to enact the New World Order Obama Trade Act?

Marco (Judas) Rubio knew what he was doing.  He’d like America to buy the lie that he just didn’t read the bill.  He has been under the left wing mentorship of Chuck Schumer and proudly undermining conservatives by serving on the Gang of 8 to erase America’s borders and give amnesty to all who cross over illegally!

Rubio announced at the CNN GOP DEBATES that he is tired of the senate and misses votes because nothing gets done.  He has tried that senate thingy out and now the cry baby who has a history of  having to be bailed out in his personal finances (with other peoples money) has decided he would like to try and see if being President is more his thing.

What happens to America when he decides that’s not his thing either?  Will he just sign over America to the United Nations?  Will he just make America a borderless North American Union?  You can bet your life he will do whatever the puppet masters tell him as long as he gets cash on the side so he doesn’t have to learn how to live within his means and work to pay his own bills.

He is unfit for public office, even that of pencil sharpener!  He definitely thinks he deserves all things handed to him so he can go hand it to others who also like freebies.  He speaks of his immigrant family but has never admitted that he is an anchor baby himself.  He certainly wasn’t born a United States Citizen so what else would you call him?  He is ineligible to be running for the office of the President.  But, hey- I guess that doesn’t seem to matter much any more.

Rubio was born in Miami, Florida on May 28, 1971, the second son and third child of Mario Rubio and Oria Garcia. His parents were Cubans who had immigrated to the United States in 1956 and were naturalized as U.S. citizens in 1975!. That makes little Marco an anchor baby. Don’t expect him to think like the average American.  He has now shown us he doesn’t respect the office of the senate, and is not to be trusted to the office of President!

Written by Dianne Marshall



  1. Why do you expose only Rubio? Cruz also is NOT eligible. He isn’t even an anchor baby. Cruz was born in Canada to a Cuban father and an ex-patriot mother, perhaps a Canadian permanent resident. His birth certificate is Canadian. Thefe is no record of any registration of his birth with a USA consulate. There is no record of Cruz’s ever having becoming an American citizen. In NO way can he qualify as a Natural Born Citizen.


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