Red Queen Carly Caught Swirling In Media Driven – Voter Fraud Rabbit Hole.

aliceimages4JIL9W0KWe are now down the rabbit hole and Carly Fiorina, the Red Queen, is lying out of both sides of her mouth and looking more like the witch in the Wizard of Oz than the Alice In Wonderland Character.

Carly somehow soared from bottom of the 1 percent group to barely make it to the adult table in the debate, then according to the fake media, miraculously gained such popularity she was the darling of the night.

The debate had no sooner ended and her lies were already involving lawyers; as in the case of her heart felt story of a child that died from drug addiction. The real mother of the child who was the first wife of Carly’s ex husband, was absolutely angered that Carly would use her deceased daughter as a political prop to gain votes.  The mother ‘s story hit the news fast and furious with details such as- Carly never raised the child, never was close to the child, hardly ever saw the child, and the child never lived with Carly during her marriage to her ex husband.

So once again Carly is caught in a lie, but to her it’s just a minor detail and she never worries with outcomes, she only goes for what she can steal at the moment.  As in her tenure with Lucent Technologies and Hewlett Packard. Both companies were ruined by her assistance.   But she walked away with lots of cash.  Hewlett Packard paid her millions to leave.

.So, the establishment media hopes no one will find out her real past and instead will find favor in the marvelous fake persona she is delivering.  She is hoping if she keeps repeating her sound bytes that people will believe her lies and not believe the truth.

I for one do not believe that Ms Carly somehow within hours after a debate in which she looked like Angry Bird all night somehow won her favor to beat Trump in the polls and rise to frontrunner position.  But when we read the poll for ourselves, we discover that it was a Voter gravity poll determined by 2,839 phone calls.

Voter Gravity conducted this poll by surveying 2,839 New Hampshire Republican CARLYimagesFQ0E61P3primary voters through touchtone telephone responses one day after the CNN debate. She received 22 percent of the votes, and Trump came in second with 18-percent. Imagine that?

But, fear not, for when asked “What does it all mean?” Voter Gravity announced, “The same as it did after the Cleveland debate – not much. It’s still too early to reach any conclusion other than Republican Primary Voters are still impressionable, and debates are opportunities for candidates with less name ID to make an impression.”

So is that an admission of fraud?  Sure sounds like it to me.

What this poll really shows is the establishment media and pundits, and all the puppets are starting their tricks to make the uninformed believe that someone is coming out of no where and climbing in the polls.  Why?  So when they make their move to steal the electoral votes, the uninformed will have no clue.  Especially since the media is telling everyone how she is surging,

The real truth is, she didn’t even move the second hand on her own stop watch, (the one she so gladly checked repeatedly to  report the time spent on each subject prior to answering her question.)

It’s time to call them out now before we get any further into the election.  I, for one, do not want to be sitting there watching the TV and having the media shout out who won after only 2 percent of the vote is in for the state. I don’t want to be viewing a repeat of 2012 where I am stunned, with jaw dropped, watching a massive display of voter fraud.  Do any of you?

It is now in full swing. We must do our diligence to expose it and rebuttle before the uninformed buy into the lies.

Written by Dianne Marshall


Have You Had Enough Of Voter Fraud? Let’s Think Ahead For Trump!


How did we get so low in our very civilized society to accept and believe the lies the media tells us?  I have to ask everyone a question.  “When the media tells you what you want to hear do you believe them?”  My follow-up question is this, “Why do you believe them then, when you know they lie all the time?”

The truth is, they give us morsels here and there and that is how they keep you believing 10 percent truth and 90 percent lies.

If at all we do indeed ever receive 10 percent. I believe it is more like 5 percent.

We are about to enter into the most crucial phase of the election and that phase is going to the voting booth and actually casting our vote.  In the past we have watched the voter fraud to such a degree even a five-year old can see it.  This election year we have to be more than mere bystanders.  We have to diligently call out the Carl Rove type puppets who hold up their fake charts and bla, bla, bla us about how this one and that one are either rising or falling in their fake polls and charts.

I have already read many posts of people who feel the same way as I do that the Polling Charts do not represent Trump correctly.  How could a candidate attract the huge crowds and be so low in the numbers, even though he is still number 1 and way above the rest?  I sincerely believe if the polls were accurate, Trump would be at 60 to 70 percent.

The puppet masters can only fudge so much….because they are still aware that we have eyes to see and we are watching.

The most important area for all of the people to be watching is that of the electoral votes.  The corruption lies therein.  The establishment loves a close race between incumbents so they can fool the voters.  When there is a big stretch, it is much harder to cheat with the electoral votes. Therefore America, it is our job to watch these sly foxes like a hawk.

We need to let them all know that we are awake, and paying attention. We need to devise a plan of action now in order to be prepared for election day.  Any ideas you have are welcomed here.  Please comment below and regardless of who you are voting for, I am sure you want the one with the most votes to win.  If you haven’t guessed, I am for Trump.

So many times the popular vote is dismissed because of districts and their  electoral vote advantage.  One idea I have is to work now on the districts which hold the most electoral votes and make sure they want to vote for Trump.

Please participate.  Your ideas will be forwarded to the Trump Campaign Camp.  Thank you all.

Dianne Marshall